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  1. Hey Ron,

    I’m glad you enjoyed Dominique’s article about the Bloomberg terminal. If you’ve read the comments, you’ll know you’re not alone in disagreeing with parts of it.

    Good luck in your new role. If you’re able to talk about what you’re doing and learning, I’d love to follow up the Bloomberg article with an insider perspective. And even if that isn’t workable, let us know if you’d ever be interested in contributing an article.

    All the best,

    Jonathan Anderson
    Managing Editor, UX Magazine

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    • Hi Jonathan,

      Yes, I do disagree with parts of it, but let me also say that I think its one of the best articles on the subject as well, or I wouldn’t have used a cite. I ‘disagree’ with things in an academic sense. I might not like some things, but I absolutely want them published because of quality or to invoke conversation, which this one did and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      I would love to contribute an article. I’ll take a wander on the site and see if I can find anything that might need a boost.

      • Hi Ron,

        I work for an independent market research company and am currently running a research project to delve into non-gaming NUI touchless solution development. I would love to recruit you to come to a 1-hour one-on-one interview in Manhattan on June 29th to give us your expert feedback about the industry in general as well as specific tools for touchless NUI solutions.

        We are offering $300 in appreciation of the one-on-one interviews and another $500 if it is possible to schedule a 2-hour interview in your home or office to watch you actually develop.

        If you are interested in being involved in either, please contact me via this email. I can give you more information offline.

        Thanks so much!

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